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MyIce Gumpaste 300g - Black

MyIce Gumpaste 300g - Black


MyIce Gumpaste is sugar dough made from confectioners/icing sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, flavourings, vegetable gum, egg white, titanium dioxide, maize starch, potassium sorbate and acetic acid. These ingredients make it easy to work with to make sugar flowers and leaves and other small objects that are used to decorate cakes.

When used to make flowers and leaves, the paste is rolled out thinly, and petals and leaves are cut out with custom made cutters (or you can make them without cutters) and stretched and shaped with tools. When the flowers or leaves are completely dry, they are porcelain hard.

When working with gumpaste, make sure any gumpaste you are not in the process of using are kept wrapped tightly in plastic so the air cannot get to it or it will quickly get hard.If your paste is too hard to work with, knead it with your hands, and the heat from your hands should make it soft and pliable. As a last resort, if it still hard, try putting it in the microwave for only five seconds at a time, taking it out and try to knead it. If it is still too hard, put it in for another five seconds and so on until it is soft enough to knead. Warning – if heated in a microwave, the gumpaste may get very hot in the middle, so be very careful it doesn’t burn you. Also, remember it is mainly sugar, and if left in for too long, it could burn and become unusable.

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