Round Motif Coffee/ Cupcake Stencil Set

Each stencil measures 8cm in diameter with a 6.5cm diameter design. This set includes one each of 4 designs as shown in pictures.Stencils are made of food grade plastic intended for repeated use. 
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    Place stencil lightly on cake, rolled fondant, cookies or coffee. Royal Icing: Using an offset spatula or scrapper, sread royal icing evenly over stencil. Gently pull stencil off from surface. Lustre Dust: Place on cake that has been covered with fondant. Using a rolling pin, gentle and lightly roll stencil over cake to transfer pattern. Apply some shortening on exposed pattern. Use a soft brush, dust lustre dusts. Icing sugar/ Cocoa powder: Place stencil on cake, cookie or drink. Place icing sugar or cocoa powder in a shieve and gently dust cocoa powder or icing sugar onto surface. Lift stencil up. Airbrushing - Secure stencil on to surface. Airbrush with airbrush color.