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Silicone Mold - 3D Large Rose

Silicone Mold - 3D Large Rose

  • This 3D large Rose Silicone Mold makes it quick an easy to make beautiful, detailed large roses in relatively short time.
  • When the large rose is molded with gumpaste (or fondant+CMC) and dried, it can be used to produce a beautiful arrangement for any tier of the cake. The options are endless. Perfect for cupcakes and cookies.
  • The Roses can be gently pinched, tweaked and dusted with edible dusting powder to give it a finer appearance. This mold can be used with Sugarpaste, Flower paste, Marzipan, Modelling paste, Chocolate, Candy, Boiled Sugar, Saltdough, Air Drying Clays, Cold Porcelain and Embossing Powder.
  • Size of rose: Approx. 7cm
  • Diameter of mold: 9 cm
  • Color: Random
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