Sugar Flowers - Peony, Anemone, Hydrangeas & Jasmine

Sugar Flowers - Peony, Anemone, Hydrangeas & Jasmine


Instructor : Tiara Shahrom
Date : 9 Mar 2019 (Sat)
Time : 9.30am — 6pm
Venue : Cake Connection, SS2, Petaling Jaya.


    In this class with Tee, you will be learning how to create reliastic sugar flwoers, which include Peony, Anemone, Jasmine and leaves.


    - Brief explanation on the techniques, usage and skill of making variety of Sugarflowers

    - Demonstrating on the making of Flower Paste and introducing the ingredients and sources of making the homemade paste. Students will be given Flower paste Recipe.

    - Introduction to the tools in the making of Sugarflowers from sizes, detailed explanation of the usage of the equipment and tools. 


    - Students will be taught the HOW, DO’s and DON’Ts in making centres, mound and petals using wires and non-wires.

    - Explanation on prepping work surface, tools and ingredients.

    - Demonstration and Hands-on in making 3 different flowers.  

    - Demonstration and brief explanation on using non-toxic colour dust on flowers.  

    - Learn to assemble petals, stamens and mound using floral wire.

    - Demonstrating the method of arranging delicate Sugarflowers on chosen surface.  


    *Fee includes lunch and refreshment. We serve pork-free, beef-free food.


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