Windsor Clikstix Script Upper Cutter/Ejector Set

Windsor Clikstix Script Upper Cutter/Ejector Set

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SCRIPT Clikstix Upper case alphabet icing cutter & ejector set


  • set includes: full script italic alphabet upper case (capital letters)
  • Total 3 Clikstix strips each have an ejector bar fitted, making it easier to eject the paste characters
  • each strip approx 25.5cm (10") long
  • letters vary but each approx 2cm (¾") high
  • "&" character included
  • aka Clickstix, Cliksticks, Clicksticks, Clickstiks etc
  • food approved clear plastic
  • upper case and numbers sets also available
  • retail packed with instructions
  • Genuine from Windsor Cake Craft, UK

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